The Haskell House Children’s Museum Committee

Our committee has worked tirelessly over the past three years to convert the Haskell House into a children’s museum. Unfortunately, Alton Mayor Brant Walker and his team have shown little interest in supporting this wonderful project or the Haskell House,” said The Haskell House Children’s Museum Committee. “On the other hand, the City of Edwardsville and its leadership and volunteers have partnered to develop a wonderful Children’s Museum where parents, grandparents and young children spend countless hours throughout the year enjoying their children’s museum.”

The Haskell House Children’s Museum Committee continued, “When our committee reached out to Alton Mayoral Candidate David Goins regarding his thoughts on a children’s museum, he responded within 15 minutes that he loved the idea and would collaborate with our committee to make this dream a reality.”

David Goins and his wife, Sheila have three children and 11 grandchildren. They understand the benefits a children’s museum could bring to the youth and families of Alton. “It is critical that we invest in our youth and the Haskell House Museum will serve as an educational hub for the children of Alton. Our city needs more youth-oriented safe learning opportunities that connect our children and their families,” said Goins.

Goins continued, “Investing in our Alton youth is a major campaign goal of mine. And, if elected mayor, I will launch “Invest in Our Youth”, an initiative aimed at creating more youth opportunities, including employment in areas such as entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, summer grass cutting, painting, and performing beautification work throughout the city.”

“The Alton Haskell House Children’s Museum Committee, like so many Alton citizens, believe David Goins will provide a new and fresh vision for Alton. The Committee wholeheartedly endorses David Goins for Mayor of Alton,” said the Haskell House Children’s Committee.

Anita Banks

I am extremely honored to endorse Reverend David Goins as Candidate for Mayor of Alton. My name is Anita Banks and my commitment towards Alton, Illinois flows deeply from my heart. I have lived here since 1954.

Before retiring, I worked for the Alton School District and as a Parent Coordinator for Madison County Economic Opportunity Commission Project Head Start. I have previously served as the chair on the Foster Grandparents, Advisory Board Member of Alton Branch NAACP Executive Committee, and State President of Illinois Association Club Women and Youth Affiliation. I am currently a member of the Reba Hill Civic Charity and Educational Club.

My tenure in this community has allowed me to experience numerous local elections. I must say that I am very disappointed in the campaign strategies of the current administration. I don’t believe in dirty politics and I would never support this kind of behavior.

Therefore, I am endorsing David Goins because I believe in honesty and giving back to this community. I have known David since he and his sister Kathy were orphaned as young children. Yet, against those odds, I am extremely proud to see David turn out to be a fine man. Throughout his life, he has continually contributed to the city of Alton.

I know David to be a respected family man, police officer, pastor and school board member. As a police officer, David had a reputation of treating the citizens of Alton with decency and respect. During his time as a police officer, he also taught the D.A.R.E program. This program impacted the lives of hundreds of children within the Alton community.

I am also proud to mention that eight years before retiring as a police officer, he answered the call to pastor a church. With this, I am confident that his heart to protect and serve the citizens of Alton has already been proven.

His character is one that this community can be proud of. I believe David Goins will serve this community with a heart of passion, conviction and great vision.

As a lifelong resident of Alton, I trust David Goins to be the best choice for this city.

6th Ward Alderwoman Stephanie J. Elliott

Today, I am endorsing David Goins for Mayor because I believe he is the best person to move the Alton Community forward. I have known David Goins for many years dating back to East Junior High School. From academics to his role on the basketball court, he has always been one to give 100 percent of himself to achieve his goals while being the best that he can be, always having the utmost respect for and from his classmates and competitors.

As a former Alton Comptroller and current 6th Ward Alderwomen, I understand the current and future challenges facing our city. As Alton attempts to turn the corner, we need a mayor who is committed to open communication and action when engaging with our citizens’ and businesses’ issues. This country, including Alton, is attempting to recover from the pandemic, racial and civil unrest, reopening our schools and businesses in a sustainable manner. David Goins has the leadership skills that will be required to guide the Alton Community during these critical times with trust, integrity, and an ability to bring various Alton stakeholders to the table. Dave is a lifelong respected resident, retired Alton Police Officer of 25 years, Pastor for 19 years, and Alton School Board member for four years.

David possesses the type of professional and personal skills to guide a new Alton resurgence. For the future of Alton, I am asking you to vote for David Goins on April 6.

State Representative Amy Elik

It is with great pleasure that I endorse David Goins for Mayor of Alton. He is a reform candidate for Mayor best able to stop the decline in population, support job creators to expand economic opportunity, and keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Elik. “He is ready to serve the city from day one and will bring about positive change that will enhance Alton’s reputation and attract investment.

David Goins possesses integrity, honesty, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of the needs of Alton. I look forward to working with him in moving Alton forward.” “I’m excited to have Representative Elik’s support. It’s just another example of the broad, bi-partisan, and diverse coalition that is supporting my campaign,” said Goins. Elik, a Certified Public Accountant, Marquette High School graduate, and member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, was elected in November 2020 to represent District 111. Alton is the largest city in the district.

Charles “Totsie” Bailey, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of Southwestern Illinois Building, and Construction Trades Council

As Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Southwestern Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council, making sure local contractors are awarded local jobs using local skilled members of the Building Trades is my number one priority. One way that we can be certain of this is through the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Studies have shown that every dollar spent on these projects turns over eleven times in the community. David Goins has not only made a commitment to support local labor unions but has also made a commitment that he will indeed sign a PLA with the Building Trades. With David Goins’ commitment, we can assure that taxpayer dollars spent on projects completed in the City of Alton will, in fact, go to local workers and then be spent in local communities. This will reverse the current situation of taxpayer dollars not being spent at local businesses by out-of-state contractors and out-of-state employees.

Kyle Bollinger, President of Alton Teamsters Local Union 525

As president of Local 525, I know David Goins to be a man of the highest ethical standards and utmost integrity,” said Kyle Bollinger, President of Alton Teamsters Local Union 525. “We support David’s vision for rebuilding the Alton Community, including economic development which corresponds to new businesses and jobs. David Goins possesses the right temperament to be an outstanding mayor for the city of Alton. And we believe that he will operate with transparency and hold himself and his administration accountable to the Alton taxpayers. Local Union 525 looks forward to partnering with the new administration.

Alton Laborers’ Local Union 218

Our 350 hard-working men and women of Local 218 are endorsing David Goins for the next Mayor of Alton. Mr. Goins has a proven record of operating with transparency and integrity. He will be a mayor that works for the people of Alton and not just for his own personal interest as the current Mayor does,” said Robert McDonald, Business Manager of Alton Laborers’ Local Union 218. “Brandt Walker is unresponsive to the city’s public workers, their families, and taxpayers. He is more committed to encouraging out-of-state companies to bring in workers and take jobs from the men and women who are trying to provide for their families. David Goins will partner with our local trades and businesses to find solutions and bring a new vision for rebuilding the Alton Community for our hard-working families.

Mrs. Maxine P Jackson Caldwell

Mrs. Maxine P Jackson Caldwell is the owner, operator of Maxine’s accredited licensed daycare in Alton Illinois located at 739 Silver St. She has been in business for 32 years and has cared for hundreds of children, and also their children’s children. Mrs. Caldwell is a well-respected woman and especially within the Alton community.

She is supporting David Goins as a candidate for mayor for the city of Alton for the following reasons. He is a long-time resident of Alton and Illinois. He kept the community safe by serving as an Alton police officer for 25 years, and he is the pastor of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church and has been there for 20 years! If anyone in his congregation needs him for anything all they have to do is call and he is there to serve the congregation. Therefore, I know he will be there to serve the community of Alton.

Michael Velloff, Campaign Chairman

I am supporting David Goins for Mayor based on his integrity, honesty, leadership skills, and his deep understanding of the needs of Alton. As the current Pastor of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, David has consistently displayed his leadership skills by serving his congregation. He is able to effectively engage with the community and he has a clear understanding of finances and the importance of a balanced budget. During his 25 years of service as a police officer for the Alton Police Department, David was a natural leader and served with integrity and empathy. David served and engaged the community and the children as a DARE officer, listening to crime issues, and helping to problem solve. David Goins is a lifelong member of our community, a man that has served the community already for the majority of his life as a police officer and a pastor, and is someone that will have the best interests of the City and not his own. There is no question he is ready to continue serving The City of Alton.